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發佈日期:2012-02-23 14:47:53文章類型:網絡收集文章來源:網友提供

動物標本 IDs:

B2456 (Dragon Head) 龍頭(可置於牆上)

DD9E0 (Elk Male) 麋鹿

CF264 (Snowy Elk) 雪白的麋鹿

3fA65 (Elk Antlers) 麋鹿鹿角

DD9E1 (Elk Female) 雌性麋鹿

D928F, d928d (Sabre Cat) 劍齒虎

D9289, d9288 (Wolf) 狼

D9287 (Skeever) 老鼠

D9285 (Mudcrab) 螃蟹

D8282, d9281, d927f (Bear) 熊

D927D (Horker) 海象?

D9276 (Goat) 山羊

3858F (Slaughter Fish) 魚


00044E6A Jeweled Candlestick (golden candlestick with pretty gem incrustations)

000AA03E Silver Candlestick (small and thin silver candlestick)

000E42DF Candlestick (default single candlestick)

000E42E0 Candlestick (default)

000E42E1 Candlestick (smaller default single candlestick)

000905E3 Jeweled Candlestick (golden candlestick same as first one, spawns as furniture (static) )


10E05E - 標箱

F8476 - 地下城的大箱子

C4493 - 青銅箱子

B1176 - Large Dwemer stone chest. The one that is rectangular and has a cool animation when you open it.

305A1 - Falmer chest

1D13C - Fancy wooden one from Solitude

椅子: (coldarra提供)

0001EDF7 Chair (dwarven)

0001EE09 Chair (same dwarven chair, without upper back part. I use this one as small table instead for pots and stuff)

0006E7B3 Chair (a stone chair like the ones in the temple of the gray beards)

王座: (coldarra提供)

000267D3 Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the infamous "Werechair".

0007FBC2 This is the throne outside the temple of the divines in Solitude.

000985C2 I haven't seen this one in game yet, but I assure you this thing is HUGE and made of GOLD with a statue of a small dragon (or bird, but i think it's a dragon) sitting on top.

0010F636 Throne at the Palace of Kings in Wildhelm. It's massive. 風盔城的王座

牆 :

5B381 WallSol

5DA23 WallSol03

5D92F WallSol02

5b382 WinSol01 (wall with WINDOW !)

樓梯 :

5F5B9 Steps

天花板 (Arched)

5b380 : archCon01 (normal arch)

5d7b4 : traCon02 (normal arch filler)

6e95d : archCon03 (CORNER ARCH !)

6e95c : archCap01 (corner arch center filler)

6e95b : archCon02 (corner arch side filler)

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